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We are a local family owned and operated business.  We have earned our BBB "A" rating by taking care our customers needs.

Our Motto is simple ..."We will not sleep well till you do!" 


My staff and I will strive to do our very best to get you matched up in the right mattress, unlike the big chain stores down the street that just try to get your money.  Our prices shame the competition.  Our selection is simple and smart.  Our service is superior. 

How can we sell so cheap?  No national advertising campaigns.  No expensive mall and retail locations.  No high pressure, commissioned sales people.    All of these add to the expenses but do nothing to help your sleep.  We pass all our savings on to you!

To your better health through better sleep

                                                                                         Julie O'Neill

Hey I am Julie O'Neill, wife, mother and owner of Piorra Mattress.  If you are reading this, you probably know a little about Piorra, but I would like to share a bit more of our story.


Piorra is not your average mattress store.  We like to think of Piorra as a destination.  An experience.  A smarter way to shop for a better nights sleep.  Selling a mattress is not just a job or something we take lightly.  You are our Henry County neighbors, our friends and even our family.  Your sleep, and ultimately your health and well-being, are all important to us.  If I expect you to trust your sleep to us, you need to know who we are and I am happy to share that with you.

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