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So lets talk about why your here.

Waking up with aches and pains?  Sleeping on a mattress that's nearly a decade old?  Getting a better nights sleep at a hotel than in your own bedroom?  Whatever your reason, a mattress is one of the few purchases that makes a serous impact while your both asleep and awake.

Size is the key

The size of your next mattress depends on how much space you have, whether you have a sleeping partner and how much you are willing to spend.  You should always buy the very best mattress that fits your bedroom and budget.

Innerspring vs Foam - Which do you choose? 

The materials that make up the inside of your mattress determine the support your body gets through your sleep cycle.  Whether you prefer innerspring, latex, memory foam, gel or some combination both, we are sure you will find the bed that's perfect for your at Piorra Mattress.  

Pillow Top, Euro Top, Tight Top

Although the first two provide extra layers of comfort while you sleep, there is a distinct difference between them.  A "Pillowtop" has visible layers with extra cushioning sewn on top of the mattress.  A "Eurotop" has the extra layers sewn directly into the mattress.  If you prefer sleeping without extra layers then a standard tight top mattress might be right for you.  Just keep in mind you will get similar support with all three types, so the decision should be based on your personal comfort preference.

 Too firm?  Too soft?  Ahh, Just right!

Do you relisht the idea of sleeping on a stiff as a board mattress?  Think the firmer the mattress provides the right amount of support?  Well, you could be right, but BEWARE!  Although a firm mattress does relieve your bodys pressure points and keeps your spine aligned, a too firm mattress might be too much of a good thing.  In the same respect of being enveloped in a plushy, cloud-like mattress sounds like a dream come true.   A mattress that is too soft will not provide the support your body needs and may do more harm than good.  The key to this GOLIDLOCKS GAME is fining the mattress that is 'Just Right' for you.  

How much is all this going to cost?

Well that depends on just where you shop.  Specialty Sleep Shops insult you if you try to buy a bed set under $3000.  This makes sense in that they have multi million dollar national advertising campaigns  and expensive retail rents to support.  We sell the same quality and better mattress sets for $1000's less than these overpriced and overhyped big box stores.  Our beds sell from $99 to $1299.